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 Entourage-It's Getting More Interesting!

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Date d'inscription : 05/11/2010

MessageSujet: Entourage-It's Getting More Interesting!   Ven 5 Nov - 6:40

But what about Vince? The episode tried to push a major revival, but did not tell us why his failed attempt to make their own trick irrelevant. In fact, the only way to know why her car accident that had long stood out about the attractions of the next season, or read some of the material this season to press for promotion. Only then it became clear that the season seven Vince trip will be marked by a rebirth of life, which is still quite vague in terms of the history of the hooks. For this question, like so many episodes of Entourage, "stunting" he felt as he finished, as is getting interesting.

Overall, the star of the episode was writer / director Nick Cassevetes, who played a hilarious reversal of his image as the real brains behind a series of festivals SAP chick-flick. It was a blast to see a filmmaker of such films as The Notebook and My Sister's Keeper has a hard ass action flick director has managed to wrest from the neck down Ari and Vince stimulating virility to the point where he would take the wheel of a car stunt. Cassevetes "talk about dedication Sean Penn for the action scenes of action ridiculous, unless She's So Lovely is by far the funniest episode gag. I sincerely hope that we have not seen the last of the tough guy director of the caricature of himself.

But Cassevete sequences were the only time the episode seemed to spring fully formed life. Unfortunately, many other scenes like is old hat, unnecessary detours or both. Do we really need more reminders that the work of Ari aggravates his wife? Or an unnecessary scene of Eric and Sloan for lunch? How many times do we have to watch painful tragedy forced to accept that its services are not in demand? largest circulation Entourage has always been an exotic escape, it gives us viewers, but the strength of this hook may be declining as the sight of the life of luxury these characters becomes as familiar as their stories in most years. Unless new life promised by Vince accident at the end of this season pushes these characters new paths, season 7 could easily prove to be the most forgettable performance. Hopefully it does not seem to be the case and Ellin and the gang find ways to make Hollywood fun, funny and fresh.


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Entourage-It's Getting More Interesting!
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